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Geospatial Enterprise Managed Services

Customer Overview

Customer is a public water supply company for thousands of citizens in US.

Customer had made significant strategic investments in information technology over the last five years to optimize their ability to grow, compete and operate in a regulated industry.  The implementation of Esri’s Enterprise Geographic Information Systems platform, known as ArcGIS is considered strategic to supporting their business system requirements and therefore, the success of their overall business strategy.

Given the mission critical nature of GIS, customer was looking for a trusted GIS partner for meeting the below said primary business objectives:

  • Reduce long term operations and maintenance costs for GIS solution
  • Drive-out inefficiencies in geospatial business process through quality service delivery
  • Dynamic optimization of geospatial business process to support business growth strategies

CyberTech Solution

CyberTech partnered with the customer to deliver Geospatial Enterprise Managed Services to support its business objectives. CyberTech provided comprehensive managed services which includes:

  • GIS Assessment and Consulting Services
  • ArcGIS Support Service
  • GIS Application Development Services

CyberTech performed a through assessment of Customer’s GIS landscape to identify areas of improvement. It then prepared a 30-60-90 days action plan for closing the identified gaps and adding new GIS enhancements as per customer’s requirements. CyberTech followed the industry best practices to implement and deploy these changes in the production environment.

Update GIS Data Dictionary documentPlan and implement removal of unwanted layers and attributes from GIS DataImplement Operational dashboards with spatial analytics
Update GIS System architecture documentImplement monitoring process for website and ArcGIS ServerEvaluate and upgrade Esri products to the latest feasible version
Push geometric network error rectification to default production databaseImplement Portal for ArcGISImplement robust, configurable, and extendible solution for SAP-GIS integration for operational efficiency
Implement periodic Quality Control process for identification and rectification of errors
Alignment with IT PrinciplesAlignment with IT PrinciplesAlignment with IT Principles
Data ManagementData ManagementApplication Services
Security & RiskSecurity & RiskGovernance
Technical Infrastructure
Application Services

The methodology followed has successfully developed and stabilized the GIS adoption and absorption. Continuous improvement and advancement by CyberTech in customer’s GIS system has taken their GIS business processes to the next level.

CyberTech Advantage

  • Vast pool of GIS experts proficient in Esri technologies
  • Optimal combination of hybrid delivery model for better understanding of client requirements
  • Rapid application rollouts utilizing GIS best practices
  • High quality support services utilizing customer’s customized support portal
  • Resolved all issues within defined SLAs

Business Benefit

  • Geo-enabled business systems to help drive-out inefficiencies and improve business productivity
  • Reduced operating costs, thereby freeing-up critical resources and funds for propelling business growth
  • Increased GIS solution stability and availability leveraging advanced GIS technologies
  • Instant insights leveraging intuitive geospatial analytics tools
  • Reduced field hours for on-field personnel using geoenabled field tools

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