Spatial Xcelerator

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Spatial Xcelerator

In an ever-evolving business landscape where every advantage counts, organizations have discovered the invaluable role that maps play in simplifying daily tasks. Spatial Accelerators enhances Geographic Information Systems (GIS) facilitating decision-making and boosts efficiency by visualizing data connections. With GIS integrated into workflows through CyberTech’s support, ERP gains the capacity for real-time response to consumer needs and extended operations beyond the organization.

Salient Features


  • Geo-enable your customer experience
  • Easily manage enterprise assets from the maps
  • Ensure employee safety with GeoSafe


  • Automate financial processes
  • Save time on uploading meter reading
  • Accelerate billing processes
  • Generate invoices swiftly


  • Synchronize asset information across SAP & GIS in real-time
  • Smarter business decision


  • Embedded Analytics
  • Pre-defined CXO dashboards
  • Consolidated KPI tracking
  • Enhanced customer service

Our Range of Services

ArcGIS and SAP integration is a resource and time-intensive process that can be challenging for many organizations. Businesses invest millions of dollars in integration, but they are still unable to extract a return on their investment.

CyberTech understands the importance of seamless and accelerated integration to elevate the experience of the customers. Our Spatial Xcelerator is a unique and comprehensive solution to bring SAP and ArcGIS data together to ensure real business benefits and a faster return on investment.

What all you get

Embedded Analytics

  • Uses data to get an accurate understanding of customer wants and optimize demand-supply matches accordingly.
  • Improve strategic outcomes and drive revenue by taking advantage of strong data-driven insights.
  • Help firms recover from outages as quickly as possible to improve efficiency and prevent revenue loss.


  • Elevate employee safety by establishing real-time incident management.
  • Quick alerts and notifications in case of accident enhancing response time for rescue teams.
  • Centralize and simplify information and monitor all incidents from a single intuitive dashboard.
What all you get

Benefits of Spatial Xcelerator

  • Rapid time to value and speed to value delivering up to 25% reduction in the implementation project
  • Up to 23% savings in large-scale transformation project
  • Facilitate customers for smooth go-live and transition
  • Flexible incremental approach and easily re- deployable
  • Insights from embedded analytics to avoid interruptions improving operational efficiency and asset utilization
  • Provide customers with a high-quality product tailored to their business needs at an affordable price

Our Advantages


25 years of trusted reliable delivery of SAP Projects


Unmatched industry knowledge and assets developed through servicing 50+ customers


SAP Certified Industry experts with the know-how of delivering software solutions to varied clients over the years


Raising the bar on industrialized delivery


Consistent quality every single time using our Risk-Free DataSafe Approach

Global Reach

Deep capabilities around the world at scale


Practical and relevant innovation applied daily to client work

Strategic Partnerships

SAP (Gold Partner), Microsoft (Solution Partner), ESRI (Gold Partner), and AWS

Maximizing Product Benefits across Industries

Public Sector

  • Analytics for insights on entire system: Provide a 360° overview of performances, metrics, avoid interruptions and elevate user experience
  • Real time crime information: Connect various data sources, including agency data, law enforcement data, and live video streams, in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of all events
  • Share network documentation across departments : Manage your network across the whole asset life cycle and get quick, easy access to all data available online and offline


  • Manage inspection and maintenance processes: Digitally coordinate your measurements and inspections, evaluate and arrange all maintenance operations around owned assets.
  • Easy KPI tracking: Quick decision making and resource allocation derived from real time information on critical KPIs like water quality, leaks, meter read failure percentage and calls by category.
  • Improve Damage Prevention: Reduce asset risks by expediting duties for damage avoidance with the use of a directed, automated plan and data distribution

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