SAP for Utilities

Modernize your Utility Enterprise

Elevate your Utility Operations with SAP

In the dynamic world of utilities, staying ahead means transforming your business processes, CyberTech’s SAP Utilities solution is your dedicated partner in this journey, offering a suite of Industry solutions that redefine the way you operate. Transform your business processes, reimaging workflows, and take control of enterprise asset management, from maintenance execution to asset operation and planning.

Enterprise Asset Management

Asset Operations
and Planning

Health and Safety

Capture and Mitigate

Maintenance Scheduling and Executing

Unlock Efficiency: SAP for Utilities

Increase Business Productivity and Reduce TCO

Increase Asset Longevity through Predictive Maintenance

Manage Complex and Voluminous Billing Scenarios
Reduce Maintenance Costs with Standard Working Processes
Reduce the Number of Customer Calls
Improve Analytics and Better Visibility with Real-Time Data

Experts in Utilities

Geospatial enablement of Asset and Work Management

Improved Utility Customer Service processes

Modern UI for Current Gen workforce
Experts in Process Simplification

Transform Business Processes and Reimagine Workflows with SAP Utilities

Geo-Enabled Asset
Meter, Energy and Water Data Management
Billing and Contract
Customer Experience Improvement

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