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SAP SuccessFactors – Power your Intelligent HR Enterprise

The evolving workplace, with changing demographics and tech innovations, has driven businesses to embrace agility, revolutionizing traditional HR approaches. CyberTech leads the way in assisting clients to leverage SAP SuccessFactors. This cloud-based HR platform supports the entire employee journey from hiring to retirement, offering tools for essential HR tasks including payroll, time tracking, performance evaluation, and training and development. CyberTech helps enterprises redefine the employee experience, aligning it with core business goals.

Navigating SuccessFactors: Our Comprehensive Services

Core HR and Payroll

Employee data management, time and attendance management, payroll processing, administering benefits, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Talent Management

Managing performance, setting objectives, planning for succession and growth, guiding career paths, and overseeing learning initiatives.

Recruiting and On-Boarding

Managing the hiring process, monitoring applicant information, handling job listings, and integrating new employees.

Workforce Analytics and Planning

Tools for reporting and analysis, strategic workforce predictions, and advanced data analytics.


Employee Experience Management

Gathering employee feedback, analyzing sentiments, conducting quick surveys, and fostering social appreciation.

HR Service Delivery

HR assistance, featuring case resolution, HR support desk, and portals for employee self-service.

Identity Services and Application Lifecycle Management

Assistance with identity services, streamlining processes, and collaboration with SAP for product logs.

Integration with SAP Cloud Platform (CPI)

Evaluating the landscape, smooth integration, resolving issues, and ongoing monitoring.

Key Benefits and Capabilities

Enhanced Collaboration

SuccessFactors enhances collaboration among managers, employees, and HR teams, promoting a culture of transparent communication and teamwork.

Comprehensive HCM Suite

SuccessFactors offers an all-inclusive set of HCM tools, encompassing areas like talent management, performance evaluation, training and growth, compensation oversight, and workforce insights.

Cloud-Based Solution

Being a cloud-based solution, SAP SuccessFactors provides companies with the advantages of easy scalability, adaptability, and the convenience of accessing data anytime, anywhere.

Integration Capabilities

SuccessFactors can seamlessly integrate with other SAP products and third-party applications, offering businesses a cohesive and unified HR system.

Advanced Analytics

The advanced analytics capabilities of SuccessFactors empower businesses to analyze HR data, providing valuable insights into workforce trends, performance, and potential challenges.

Our Differentiators


25 years of unwavering trust and reliability in SAP project deliveries.


Our unparalleled industry expertise and valuable assets have been cultivated through serving over 50 customers in the manufacturing sector.


Our SAP-certified industry experts possess extensive experience in delivering software solutions to diverse clients over the years.


Ensuring unwavering quality every time through our Secure DataSafe Approach.

Strategic Partnerships

CyberTech as SAP Gold Partner, offers credibility and cutting-edge solutions to the clients.

Global Reach

Extensive global capabilities on a significant scale.

Partnership & Alliances

A network of expert partners enables the most effective and successful cloud solutions. Empower your success, with our unrivaled alliances and cloud capabilities.

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