• 1 mins read
  • July 31st

Rayburn Electric

A Cloud-based ArcGIS Enterprise Enables Optimized Business Processes & Insights.

  • Rayburn Electric Cooperative is a non-profit electric utility company serving several counties in East Texas
  • The cooperative is committed to providing reliable and affordable electric service to its members


  • Rayburn started their journey with an ArcGIS Online subscription
  • Recognizing the increasing mission-critical nature of GIS, Rayburn
    identified the necessity for expanding capabilities, ensuring compliance, and implementing an industrial-strength GIS, all delivered through comprehensive end-to-end Managed Services

Our Solution

CyberTech Managed ArcGIS Cloud Services (MACS)- An all-inclusive turnkey subscription!

  • Cloud hosting
  • ‘DataSafe’-Enterprise-grade Security
  • Cloud provisioning and ArcGIS implementation Robust backup and restoration policies
  • 24X7 Monitoring
  • 8X5 Dedicated Help Desk


  • Reduced OpEx and CapEx
  • Freeing up time for power users to tackle complex business use cases
  • Real-time information in the hands of C-level executives
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted availability and scalability as the application set and usage grows
  • Streamlined asset inspections & field surveys
  • Real-time data ingestion from SCADA, and integration with myriad data sources