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  • August 1st

HIPAA-Compliant Geospatial Analytics Portal on the cloud

Customer Overview

Geospatial Analytics is being widely employed by Healthcare organizations around the world to analyze patient distribution and help policy makers allocate resources to effectively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. A leading Healthcare system in US, was also looking at producing actionable intelligence for actively responding to the pandemic. The need was for a HIPAA-compliant Geospatial Analytics portal for processing PHI and PII data safely & securely in compliance with industry regulations. 

About the Customer

The customer is the largest public health care system in the United States. They deliver essential inpatient, outpatient, and home-based services to more than one million New Yorkers every year in more than 70 locations across the city’s five boroughs.

Mapping the Curve

The customer wanted a Geocoding and Geospatial analytics platform for insights on patient spread (including COVID-19 and other health conditions) in their service areas. The platform demanded HIPAA-compliance, scalability and flexibility to curtail the outbreak.

Geospatial Analytics Portal on HIPAA-Compliant Cloud

Customer partnered with CyberTech to make this vision a reality. CyberTech setup the Esri platform, powered by HIPAA compliant cloud. CyberTech also empowered healthcare officials to securely Geo-enable patient data and clinical resources through CyberTech’s cloud-based HIPAA-compliant Geocoder.

Today, the portal is used to perform spatial analysis on geo-enabled data to develop a better understanding of a number of clinical, strategic and operational activities. CyberTech manages and monitors the cloud hosted environment leveraging DevSecOps approach. Its end-to-end managed cloud services, 7×24 monitoring and proactive incident response enables ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ access to healthcare personnel and helps maintain a high degree of agility while responding to the pandemic

Health Apps for Acquiring COVID-19 Response Intelligence 

The customer now securely runs industry proven geospatial analytics uses-cases configured by CyberTech, on healthcare data including PHI/PII for efficient healthcare planning. Few strategic use-case scenarios for providing proactive COVID-19 care to patients, include: 

  • COVID-19 spread assessment 
  • Enabling ‘Community Engagement Specialists’ plan their travel day for attending patients who have tested positive
  • Formulating a strategy for ‘COVID-19 Testing’ in schools
  • Contact tracing leveraging patient demographics and social determinants
  • Health conditions distribution & concentration
  • Hot spot and intervention analysis

  The Future 

  • To further increase the spread of Geospatial Intelligence across the organization, the customer plans to expand the platform to:
  • Leverage data from Enterprise health systems such as Epic, Cerner etc.
  • Develop targeted healthcare maps from a variety of sources
  • Understand correlation between clinical data and external factors

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