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GIS-Based ​Smart Decision Making​

Customer Overview

A popular transportation and logistics company that operates over 1600+ trucks coast-to-coast in USA, Canada and to Mexico providing customized logistics solutions. Logistics solutions are provided through variety of trucks such as Flatbed, Pneumatic, Temperature Control, etc.

The customer’s growth since the beginning has been built on principles and values in doing what you say you will do with integrity, respect and commitment. The customer has high driver satisfaction, evident from the lowest driver turnover in the industry. This has been possible by empowering work force with innovative technology and targeted digital solutions.

Challenges and Opportunities

Some of the key challenges faced were –

  • Adherence to the “Hours of Service” rule stipulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • Difficulty in tracking driver locations
  • No visibility to drivers or to fleet managers of proper parking spaces across the journey track for handling swaps or breakdowns
  • Difficulty in handling truck breakdowns and repair workflows
  • Delays and loss of business due to unforeseen weather conditions during travel

The customer has a mission to deliver the highest quality services by supporting the best drivers in the industry. They were looking for a solution that would enable them to provide greater flexibility for drivers without adversely affecting safety and loss of business.

Smart Decision Support System

CyberTech delivered a comprehensive decision support system powered by ArcGIS, to help Fleet Managers (FM) in making quick and precise decisions based on swap candidates and weather conditions. Transitioning from a legacy system GIS based decision support system required minimal training and was easy to adopt. Reference data such as truck terminals and drivers’ home locations are set-up in ArcGIS Online. The platform performs complex geo-spatial analysis to identify and suggest the best candidates for swap, repower and relay.

The solution makes it easier for a Fleet Managers to find out which driver requires swap, identify good candidates for swap and perform what-if analysis to understand cost-benefit analysis. The company currently executes around 700 swaps in a month leveraging the complex geospatial logic. This enables the trucking company to comply with the “Hours of Service” rule and their drivers are able spend time with their loved ones at home on weekends

In event of a breakdown, the platform enables the fleet managers to identify possibilities to repower and ensure relay of the load. The application also provides visibility of nearest empty fuel stations for gas or parking lots for swap, repower or a break.

Fleet Managers can also look for weather warning such as heavy rains, hurricanes, storms etc. on the app and comprehend the impact it may have on the delivery. Thereupon FMs can plan for a drive break or switch to a more optimized route that ensures driver and goods safety.

Value Driven Results

  • Cost-based value driven analysis for decision making
  • More convenience to Fleets Managers and drivers
  • Timely delivery through relay of the load using series of drivers
  • Higher customer satisfaction and enhanced business credibility
  • Reduced driver turnover, increased satisfaction and greater loyalty
  • Prevents loss in business by ensuring timely delivery and goods & driver safety

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