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Geo-Enabled Facility and Material Management​

Customer Overview

The Customer is a premium designer, manufacturer and supplier of connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems, audio and visual products. Today, more than 50 million automobiles on the road are equipped with its audio and connected car systems.

Background and Challenges

Customer’s success depends on timely delivery of defect free premium audio and infotainment products to customers globally, using a network of manufacturing plants spread across the globe that produced state of the art components. In case of a product failure, it is imperative to isolate the part/material that is failing to its manufacturing facilities within a specific production timeframe. To avoid revenue loss, unexpected downtime and maintain business continuity, customer wanted a solution that will streamline and improve the entire process of tracing a faulty part/material and making informed decisions.

Some of the key challenges faced were –

  • Lack of consolidated interface for visualization of manufacturing plants and their production details
  • No intuitive interface to understand the distribution of parts/materials across different plants
  • Part/material data for each manufacturing plant stored in silos
  • No ability to identify and isolate a faulty part/material to a manufacturing plant
  • Difficulty in generating reports in the form of graphs and charts to be shared with Executive stakeholders

CyberTech Solution

CyberTech set up an Enterprise-wide Spatial Analytics Platform for the customer integrated with all their manufacturing facilities. Part/material data for manufacturing plants was collated to create a centralized and robust repository of Enterprise data.

The solution had three main components –

  • An Enterprise Spatial Data warehouse
  • A highly intuitive and responsive web-based ‘Facility and Material Management’ solution with map interface
  • An automated mechanism to synchronize the data from plants with the Spatial Data warehouse

Key benefits provided by the solution are –

  • Integrated view of latest data on parts/materials across plants in real time
  • Significant reduction in production delays and faster defect traceability
  • Ability to perform advanced queries and tie a faulty part/material to a manufacturing location
  • Real time reporting with Intuitive charts and graphs

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