Geo 2.0

About Geo 2.0

CyberTech's Geo2.0 platform provides a transformational approach to develop geospatial applications - whether small or large. Using a large spatial components library, the specific business use cases can be built with an assemble-configure-deploy workflow - saving significant time and effort.

CyberTech’s Geo2.0 Apps gallery has a large number of apps across industries built using configurable components such as Enterprise Geo-enablement, Location Analytics and Public Safety.

App Gallery Features

For the end-users this means very easy web access to apps solving their particular challenges. All apps are instantly available and a user can acquire taken up with them.

Intelligent Search

  • Attribute search
  • Various filters
  • Address search

Mapbase Information

  • Real-time field location
  • Attribute data collection

Analysis Reports

  • Heat map report
  • Trip report
  • Threat analysis
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