CyberTech Branding - Logo Guidelines

Logo License Agreement

  • “CyberTech” logo referenced above is owned by CyberTech Systems & Software, Inc. USA (CyberTech).
  • CyberTech reserves the right to review your use of "CyberTech" Logo, and you agree to provide CyberTech unrestricted access to your site and material to review your use of the name " CyberTech " Logo.
  • CyberTech may at any time, and in its sole business judgment and/or discretion, require you to discontinue your use of the name "CyberTech", the link, and/or the link logo.
  • You may only use the licensed logo downloaded from this page. No other “CyberTech” logo, obtained from any other CyberTech or non- CyberTech source, may be used.
  • You may not use the “CyberTech" logo in any manner that implies CyberTech sponsorship or endorsement of your products, services, and/or Internet Web site.
  • CyberTech reserves the right to alter, modify, or discontinue the “CyberTech” Logo at any time, at its sole discretion.

Logo Attributes

Corporate Logo Color Palette #A52567

Correct color usage is critical to presenting and subsequently building a consistent brand image.

Screen Colors (RGB)
RGB(148, 42, 114)
Process Colors (CMYK)
CMYK(0, 42, 14, 42)

Aspect Ratio: 13:3

Cybertech Logo


Cybertech Logo

Font Name: Impact

Examples of Incorrect Usage

Cybertech Logo Cybertech Logo Cybertech Logo
Do not rotate or animate the logo.
Do not disproportionately scale, stretch, or compress the logo.
Do not place the logo on a busy photographic background.

CyberTech Logo Usage

  • We have created these Guidelines to help clarify proper usage of our brand assets.
  • You may not display the “CyberTech” Logo more prominently than your company, product, internet web site name, or logo.
  • You may not use the Logo as a feature or design element of any other logo.

Light Background Logo Usage

Cybertech Logo
Cybertech Logo

Dark Background Logo Usage

Cybertech Logo
Cybertech Logo

Safety Margins and Placement

  • The Logo must stand by itself and must include a minimum amount of 30 pixels of empty space around it so as to avoid unintended associations with any other objects including, but not limited to, type, photography, borders, and edges.
Cybertech Logo

Minimum and Maximum Size

  • You may not alter the appearance of the Logo.
Cybertech Logo Cybertech Logo
Minimum Size

To ensure brand integrity and clarity, the CyberTech logo must not be reproduced with the width less than 28mm.

Maximum Size

When printed on collateral, advertising and stationery, the CyberTech logo should occupy less than 1/6 the width of the page. However, the logo may appear larger for display and promotional purposes, such as banners, trade show displays, and so on.


When CyberTech partners with a third party, the partner is allowed to use a cobranded logo. A cobranded logo is made up of three elements, arranged from left to right: the CyberTech primary brand logo, a gray dividing line, and the third-party logo. The logos should appear equal in size.

Cybertech Logo
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