GeoShield Implementation Engineer

Job Description

This role-plays an important part in the success of the delivery and support of GeoShield with the public safety agencies, whom we see, and intend to see, as partners in their mission.

As a GeoShield Implementation Engineer, the incumbent will collaborate with the Account Executive and Solution Engineer to identify and meet the requirements of the public safety agency. Implementation Engineers are primarily responsible for documenting new customer projects, engaging with all stakeholders, and carrying out the necessary tasks to integrate, configure, and test various interactions and performance with public safety information systems, and ArcGIS resources, and ensuring the timely delivery and acceptance of the solution by our esteemed customers. The GeoShield Implementation Engineer will engage and collaborate closely with the GeoShield engineering team to achieve the project's success.

The ideal Implementation Engineer is self-driven and accountable for technical delivery and ensuring the maximum positive mission impact for our public safety partners.


  • Meet Criminal Justice Information Security standards throughout employment
  • Exhibit and maintain skills necessary for ETL and data integration across a spectrum of sources and configuration methods
  • Engage in ongoing professional development and education to anticipate skill and training needs
  • Work closely with the GeoShield operations and services team to:
    • Conduct ETL activities with current and new clients
    • Implement GeoShield data modeling best practices
    • Standardize client data ETL process into the GeoShield data model for growth and longevity of the GeoShield Product
    • Integrate data and workflows into GeoShield, ArcGIS, Microsoft SharePoint, and SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Attend daily activities and meet project timelines to completion
    • Identify approaches for the betterment of the ETL process, visualization of data, and models to fit within the GeoShield product vision
    • Provide post-implementation support for delivered technology solutions

Skills and Experience

  • Strong police domain experience or strong technical experience, or some combination of both, coupled with an interest in improving the public safety mission
  • 2+ years of progressive experience with data integration, ideally of public safety data
  • Proven ability to employ SQL and other tools and technologies for ingesting data from various sources and formats
  • SQL Server Management: stored procedures, jobs, views, optimization, server monitoring, troubleshooting
  • SQL Server Reporting Services or design work with similar business intelligence products
  • Esri ArcGIS technology stack
  • Microsoft SharePoint administration and design
  • Ability to define and facilitate a project plan or technical implementation plan
  • Exhibits a consultative approach: engaging and thoughtful
  • Employs technical and interpersonal skills from needs assessments through user experience configuration
  • Embodies company values and aligns with public safety ethics

Desired profile

  • Self-motivated with a proven record of accomplishment of using technology to deliver results in the public safety environment.
  • A problem-solver who quickly establishes credibility with stakeholders.
  • Understand the limitations and is willing to seek and employ help from experienced colleagues.
  • Possesses the ability to understand and engage with public safety client culture and expectations. Accepts ownership for actions and takes pride in delivering with the team.
  • Motivated and dedicated to enhancing public safety results for the betterment of society.
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