SAP BOBJ Migration

Migrate OnPremise Business Intelligence(BI) to the Cloud Business intelligence and analytics are no more an “afterthought”. Business leaders have been using SAP BI and other intelligent solutions to turn data into a foundation of insights to drive business innovations and transformation. Firms leverage SAP BusinessObjects to make reporting and analysis simple for business users enabling them to create reports and perform processes such as predictive analytics without input from data analytics.

Business Objects - How firms leveraged SAP BOBJ

Since long, businesses have used various applications of SAP BI to surface useful data of various types across the enterprise, convert it into actionable insights, and drive a competitive edge.

  • Conducting analysis, creating structured reports, and disseminating the reports on SAP BO or export them to PDF or Excel using Web Intelligence (Webi), a web browser tool.
  • Building unique dashboards from reports using the data visualization tool in SAP Business Objects Dashboards. Widgets, gauges, and interactive charts are some examples of these.
  • Construction and publishing web services that can be used by other software programs, such as SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and Crystal Reports, using the Query as a Web Service (QaaWS) tool.
  • Locating and examining pertinent business data using the self-service data discovery and visualization tool SAP Lumira, and making their own interactive dashboards and analytics applications.

Transforming Business Objects - Changing technology landscape

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Thousands of organizations relied on SAP BusinessObjects to manage their operations, making it the industry leader for Enterprise BI and Ad-Hoc reporting for many years. However, as business users want a next generation, self-service user experience, the market has witnessed a significant change from traditional "reporting" to "augmented analytics" in recent years. In response to this change, SAP created SAP Analytics Cloud, which is now our leading enterprise analytics product.

We at CyberTech understand that your business needs to stay ahead in the curve by having a system that encompasses elevated user experience, robust support for data models and scalability. Migration to new platform leverages modern business intelligence and business analytics systems to identify hidden trends and relationships.

Why transform Business Objects

Eliminates complex technical maintenance process and associated costs and resources
Full SAP BusinessObjects platform capabilities (i.e.: Web Intelligence, Analysis for Office, Crystal) enabling enhanced analytics and strategy formulation
Exposure to simple subscription model where you pay for what you use leading to cost pool optimization
Access to major cloud hyperscalers present in the market like Azure, AWS, Google cloud, Alibaba Cloud
Like all subscription models, availability of standard options but with the added possibility of additional services to your deployment.
Modern BI system enables assessing business in real time by viewing reports and see actionable insights
With contemporary BI systems, several dashboards or reports are provided as 'out of the box' capability. Modern BI solutions make it much simpler to functional reports and custom dashboards for business purposes.

Key benefits of the Transformation

Leverage features that can accelerate time to market, encourage reuse and increase developer productivity
Cost Optimization
Cost Optimization
Reclassify the solution from a capital expenditure to an operation expenditure
Operational Excellence
Operational Excellence
Gain access to a single data store and environment to lower the expenses of maintaining different applications
Highly scalable solution that delivers business analytics insights with the help of intuitive interface
Presents data in a modern format for actionable insights, quick decision making and better stakeholder management
Phases out timely upgradation of on premise Business Objects leading to increased efficiency and better resource allocation

CyberTech Migration-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Business Objects (BOBJ) Migration Process

Kick off and build validation test plan
Install and configure the target platform valiation
Validate and execute test scenarios
Assess validation results and plan migration
Install and configure other environment e.g.Prod/non-Prod
Migrate to production
Test and verify
Prepare for go live
Provide post go live support

Possible Technical Pathways

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