Spatialitics Utilities

Geo-Enabled Business Processes for Utilities

What is Spatialitics Utilities?

Spatialitics Utilities is a spatial analytics suite that geo-enables Enterprise Asset Management operations for Utilities using SAP Business Suite or SAP S/4HANA. Leveraging SAP Geographical Enablement Framework, Spatialitics Utilities is the only product suite that supports 360-degree geo-enablement supporting all aspects of Utilities.

Packaged Solutions for Geo-Enablement

Geo-Enablement Extensions for IS-Utilities

Add spatial context to Master Data, Assets and Transactions

Synchronization Framework for ERP and Spatial Systems

Synchronization of SAP and GIS systems in real-time

Operational Analytics with Spatial Apps

Spatial Apps for office and field staff catering to Utilities business processes

Spatialitics Utilities in Action


Geo-Enable Enterprise Asset information in ERP


Apply transformative geospatial intelligence with precise, ready to act information for business transactions


Amalgamate business and spatial data with action oriented apps



Single solution kit addressing all Spatial Enablement needs comprehensively


High degree of configurability to modify workflows


Reduced maintenance and operational costs

Spatialitics Utilities Apps

Geo-Enabled Notification Management
  • Water Leak Notifications
Geo-Enabled Audits and Work Order Management
  • Hydrant audits
  • Valve audits
  • Line Locate Process
Spatial Plug-ins for SAP GUI
  • Visualization of equipments and functional locations
  • Interaction with work orders and notifications
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