Spatialitics Health

High impact spatial analytics for healthcare excellence

What is Spatialitics Health?

Spatialitics Health is a HIPAA-compliant, spatial analytics platform designed to deliver targeted business outcomes to achieve healthcare excellence.

What does Spatialitics Health offer?

Healthcare Maps

Targeted Healthcare Maps for Providers from a variety of sources


Connectors/aggregators to several Clinical, EMR, EHR Systems

HIPAA-Compliant Geocoding Service

HIPAA-Compliant Geocoding Service to spatially enable Healthcare Data

Healthcare Analytics

Simple and composite analytics for healthcare using out-of-the-box and new apps

Spatialitics Health in Action

Customize population health map for your service area.
repare data and perform spatial pre-processing.
Overlap and combine your data for spatial analytics.

Why Spatialitics Health?

Do More

Unique insights by performing complex analysis on Healthcare Data

Go Faster

Outcome-focused real-time results from healthcare data in minutes

Be Better

Optimize healthcare service delivery by automating workflows

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