Spatial Enabled Enterprise with HANA

Adding Location Context to Business Data


With the geospatial processing capabilities introduced in SAP HANA SP6, organizations can store geospatial data along with business data in the same HANA high performance computing environment.

CyberTech's HANA Spatial services help organizations to build solutions that can perform operations on spatial data such as geoprocessing based on user's location. The spatial data loaded into HANA can help to create or extend HANA models (Analytic, Calculation Views) using HANA Studio and make these models available for analysis and visualization through SAP Lumira or custom HTML5 applications.

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Building Spatially Enabled Business Apps

CyberTech's GEO 2.0 approach for SAP helps organizations to quickly build highly specialized, mission oriented business applications that leverage the spatial data on HANA with a visualization and analysis application to improve real time decision making. Access spatial analysis services along with 2D and 3D maps for use within the SAP business suite, mobile, or BI applications.

As a partner of SAP and ESRI, CyberTech is completely aligned with the spatial platform evolution and helps organizations to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of both platforms to build solutions that drive competitive advantage.

CyberTech’s Spatial App Development services:

  • Business Analysis and Architecture Design
  • Application Development
  • Hosting and Maintenance

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Mapping Workflow Integration

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Modern applications must coexist and function with other applications. Integration of spatial platforms, especially with enterprise applications is a decisive component for the success of any modern project.

Leveraging our expertise in SAP and mapping domain, we have further extended our EAI offerings to enhance ERP applications by integrating them with GIS. CyberTech is one of the front-runners in integration of GIS with Enterprise IT Systems, and has expertise on various integrations, with SAP/GIS applications as the front-end, two-way integrations and integrations using different middleware.

Key Examples

  • Enabling workflows that integrates spatial and ERP systems
  • Delivering advanced visualization and spatial analysis to the SAP HANA platform
  • Spatial and ERP systems integration for maintenance and management of work order/assets
  • Enabling self-service mapping with configurable app templates that require no coding

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