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About Risk Center

The ‘CyberTech Risk Center™’, in partnership with NC4 (world leader in risk management and situational awareness solutions), provides Indian organizations with advanced Risk Visibility Solutions that leave no room for inaccuracy or delay in planning for, or responding to incidents. The risk center thus helps organizations ensure business continuity, while safeguarding their employees and physical assets.

This initiative represents a dynamic and powerful combination of CyberTech’s expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and NC4’s sophisticated technology, business best practices, and risk management experience.

With a strong background in public safety and situational awareness, we have the technology and experience to sift through the clutter surrounding us in today’s information age, to bring focused, relevant information to each customer’s individual risk mitigation program, whether it be in the area of security, business continuity or supply chain risk management.

Key Features

Physical Asset Monitoring

  • Early warnings
  • Awareness of potential threats
  • Safeguard valuable assets

Near-Real-Time Incident Alerts

  • Real time alerts
  • Highly qualified analysis
  • Actionable intelligence

Global Insights

  • Better global business preparedness
  • Depth analysis
  • Location-specific trends analysis

Global Security Intelligence

  • Critical travel intelligence updates
  • Advanced travel risk visibility
  • Pre-trip advisories
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