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Mobile mapping apps is an evolution of how the enterprise geodatabase is used and managed outside the organization boundaries. CyberTech’s GEO 2.0 Mobility solutions are rightly aligned to the huge demand of location based solutions which provides workflows with a highly intuitive visualization. Our mobile solutions answer the growing demands of the audience who wants everything location based such as; exploring city, requesting a service in the neighborhood, tracking and saving routes, and much more.

When firefighters or emergency workers are out managing the impacts of natural disasters they need to have current and accurate information to make decisions that will affect lives and resources. With location driven mapping applications on mobile devices, field teams can now respond to changing conditions and immediately make important management decisions to evacuate residents, change in-field management tactics, inform other crews of the magnitude of the disaster—all by using up-to-the-minute data.

With the streamlined workflow of our mobile apps, emergency workers, inspectors, maintenance teams, utility crews, and many other field workers have real-time access to the enterprise data they require to get their job done with confidence, while they're in the field.

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Key Benefits

CyberTech offers a range of Apps that are customized to your organization’s geo-intelligence needs.

  • Cost savings by improved decision making
  • Better decision making
  • Improved communication
  • Better geographic information, recordkeeping
  • Improved allocation of resources and planning
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We specialize in building mapping applications on iOS and Android platforms. Checkout our mobile and tablet applications
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