Population Health

High Impact Spatial Analytics for Healthcare

Generate actionable insights by performing geospatial analytics on health data to achieve improved Population Health

CyberServe® Population Health

CyberServe® Population Health , a HANA based spatial analytics platform is designed to deliver targeted business outcomes to achieve healthcare excellence. It delivers immediate value and increased opportunities with its highly simplified and intuitive visualization. With CyberServe analytics, at each stage of transition towards next generation value-based care, healthcare providers can achieve better patient outcomes, healthier lives and improved population health.


Ready to deploy Spatial Use cases
Drives Value based Healthcare models
Finds Gaps in Healthcare Delivery
Delivers ready-to-act real time
result focused analysis
Imports space and time dimensions
to Healthcare analytics
Evaluation of critical performance
Multiple Electronic Health Record integration
100% Regulatory Compliant
Cloud based platform support


Provider Network Adequacy

Enable healthcare providers to plan for partner locations and coverage areas to provide optimal level of customer support .

Provider Location Planning

Determine Provider-Market Coverage for employees from partner companies. Calculate and display provider coverage statistics.

Market Share Analytics

Help healthcare providers to perform geospatial assessment of market share of health services for a specific coverage area and compare with competition.

Community Programs Planning and Management

Geospatially plan and manage Community Engagement initiatives. Monitor program progress in real time and provide citizens services.

Healthcare Asset management

Spatial visualization of management of critical assets for a healthcare system across the coverage area and plan for predictive maintenance.

Advanced Operating Metrics dashboard

Enable Healthcare executives to spatially analyze various performance parameters and KPIs for quick decision making.

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